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released October 20, 2015



all rights reserved


weddinghaven Canberra, Australia

post gaze with a projector and white sheet

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Track Name: the hum, the whisper, the russell, the shiver
there are no lyrics, but only a story.
a teaspoon short story about your friend named rory;
withered & weathered his boat lay flat
along the sea of "saw leg", jack
he rowed and paddled away from this
a towering serpent, jack calls his ship
young rory awaits to accept his death
but hears the call of one beautiful beth
amongst the ship, held hostage she is
rory looks down & sees six bottle of piss
full of courage from a whiskey or two
he climbs aboard with not but a knife in his shoe
a pitter, a patter, from our young cub
a stomp & a drag from the 10 ft chud
they meet in the middle for a fight to the end
but rory realises jack is 5ft bigger than him
rory's mission was not to rescue beth
due to torture & sun stroke she was half dead
but take down this old rotten toss
to make this sea safe to flock
"as one i promise you'll meet your demise,
you putrid, smelly, saw legged man deprived
i'll sing my jig & have a swig, i'll now go and fetch my knife
be gone you creature that beautiful beth could have been my wife
along with this his heart will sing "VIVA LIFE"

that was it. as rory had strapped 4 molotovs to his body & set the ship a light.

whether it be for the sake of love, or for the love of your fellow human. it's the little things we do that can change a moment, day or a life.